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In this day and age, every company is in need of some form of web presence. Are you ready?

If you are just getting started and need a reliable developer to get your website up and running. I can help! Already have an existing and dated website? I can help! Happy with your existing website ... on computers, but it doesn't work the way you want on smartphones and tablets? I can help!

As technology changes, your website needs to be ready to keep up with that technology!

Don't build it again from the ground up, instead, make it responsive!

Development and Consulting Services

Responsive Design

In the last decade, the preferred method for viewing internet content has moved more and more toward mobile devices. Responsive websites are designed to take into consideration the device used to view the webpage. The layout is then dynamically (automatically) adjusted to fit all of the contents within the width of the screen to prevent your visitors from scrolling left and right or having to zoom or pinch to enlarge text.

My primary goal with every website worked on, new or existing, is to develop the code with responive display being a top priority.

Want to see how it works? If you are on a computer, simply reduce the width of this browser window and see how the website changes to fit the content. Additionally, I have provided links which explain responsive design in greater detail along with resources where you can check how your current website displays on mobile devices.

Website Updates

Regardless of the size of the update you need, I can help. Anything from minor content changes, additions of new features or complete update to make the existing website mobile ready, contact me for and estimate.

Iterative Website Development

If you are already started or finally ready to make your appearance online, I can help you with that. I offer iterative development options where we can work together on your budget and timeline. The advantage of my iterative development option is that the project is completed in smaller pieces known as sprints. Each sprint is complete and ready for deployment. If at the end of a sprint you are not ready to continue with entire project, what you have at the end of the sprint will be working independent of any additional features you would like to add later. Once you are ready to pick up and continue the project, we can begin the next sprint.

I like to think of the iterative development option like a buffet, where you choose what features you want and we focus on that. No need to get the dessert at the same time you get the appetizer.

Full E-Commerce Website

Websites requiring a large data structure or e-commerce development require a much more in-depth development cycle. If you have a project of this size that you would like an estimate on then please contact me.

Native Mobile Apps

If you have a need for a mobile/tablet app then I may be available to work with you on your idea. Regardless of if you want the app built for Android or iOS or both. At this time, I am still learning to work with these technologies and because of my limited experience I am offering great deals for these contracts while I continue to learn.

Desktop Applications

While many of applications designed today are specifically web apps, there are still demands for locally installed applications. If you have need for a desktop application, please let me know. Even if it's to connect with data stored online, I may be able to help you out.

Consulting Services

In addition to the services offered above, I may be able to help with a wide variety of other consulting. Consulting may range anywhere from working with your existing team on layout and design, online marketing strategies, product reviews and feedback, acceptance/alpha/beta testing, test strategy planning, code reviews and more.

Graphic Design

Unfortunately, I have to mention that I am not a graphic designer. While I am able to perform some work on design and graphic editing, my ability is limited. My primary focus is on the code that brings the design to life. If you are looking for a designer, I may be able to help you find someone but this is not the type of project I am able to take on myself.

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